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Join us for ‘The Outperformers’ in London

We’re excited to be hosting our next event in ‘The Outperformers’ series.


Join us in London on Thursday 23rd February from 5:30pm as we explore, ‘How an ‘Outperformer’ mindset will see brands through turbulent times’.


Record inflation, a cost-of-living crisis and volatile market conditions are contributing to the economic storm we find ourselves in.


To compete, companies need to understand the full gamut of behavioural drivers of growth and outperformance, which have seen stratospheric success for many of today’s best known disruptor brands.


We’ll share our research that identifies the traits of today’s ‘Outperformers’ that can be both adopted and learned from.


And we’ll hear from a fantastic line-up of speakers:


Join us as we go beyond recessionary tactics by learning from the behaviours and strategies of high growth companies.