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Meet The Outperformers In Cannes

Why is it some brands don’t just outperform their competitors, they outperform their entire category?


This new breed of ambitious company has changed expectations of growth by leveraging technology, capital and new behaviours to succeed. They are start-ups, scale-ups, and turnaround businesses from any category, and they are faster, fitter and fixed to dominate.


Their CMOs take a holistic approach to marketing to find growth in new markets, segments, products and propositions. This means new skills, new structures and new opportunities. It means a new marketing playbook and a whole new approach from agencies…


Join us at the Contagious Villa in central Cannes on 21 June from 12pm – 2pm as Cheil Connec+ and Contagious unveil exclusive research on the characteristics of outperformers like Samsung, Mailchimp, Oatly, Activision, Shiseido, Hive, Peanut and others.


Plus, hear from a panel of brand, agency, and private equity/venture capital representatives on the new marketing playbook required for success.


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